The Health Equity Innovation Fund prioritizes funding bold ideas that have the potential to root out inequities in patient outcomes. Through the 2024 Innovation Fund, Genentech will reach nearly $50M invested in 100+ healthcare organizations and leaders unified by a vision to eliminate health inequities for good.

In a survey of grantees, a majority said the Innovation Fund enabled transformative work that drives progress toward health equity and elevates them within their fields of study. Additional survey findings include:

Innovation Fund teams are focused on both driving and scaling their impact. Some of the critical lessons learned from this groundbreaking work include:

Long-term, transformative progress requires investments that target individual, institutional and systems-level change

Community engagement and co-creation with patients, students and caregivers has an outsized impact on addressing healthcare disparities, but remains massively under-resourced

Effective community engagement requires trust, time, flexibility, partners skilled in listening and sustained investment beyond the project scope

Shifting Power To Patients And Unlocking Innovation In Healthcare Delivery

Building A Clinical Trial Movement For Black Women, By Black Women

TOUCH, The Black Breast Cancer Alliance launched the groundbreaking When We Tri(al) initiative, which is activating a joyful, energized community to overcome Black women’s justifiable mistrust of clinical research.

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Advancing Health Equity Through Empathy And Experiential Learning

Equify Health is disrupting how medical providers deliver care using transformative approaches centered on the humanity of patients as people, as opposed to their diagnoses.

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Redesigning Inclusive Research With Community Partners

Henry Ford Health (HFH) launched the Participatory Action for Access to Clinical Trials (PAACT) project to increase Black/African American clinical trial participation by partnering with community groups.

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