Paul Carter - Genentech Fellow, Antibody Engineering

Paul Carter

Genentech Fellow, Antibody Engineering

Postdoc Mentor
"My passion is the pursuit of breakthrough antibody-based therapeutics that transform the lives of patients."
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I joined Genentech as a Postdoctoral Fellow in 1986 and left as a Senior Scientist and Head of the Postdoctoral Program in 2000. I had the good fortune to rejoin Genentech in 2010 as a Senior Director and Staff Scientist to lead the Antibody Engineering Department where I am now a Genentech Fellow.

I began research on antibodies many years ago when it was unclear if these complex proteins would ever provide meaningful benefit to patients. I co-initiated antibody humanization at Genentech with a novel and patentable method. This technology has utilized over many years for the discovery of 9 approved antibody products that have been used to treat millions of patients worldwide. We developed ‘knobs-into-holes’ technology that was incorporated into a one-armed antibody and 6+ bispecific antibodies that have reached clinical trials. We also developed a common light chain technology has used by several different companies for developing bispecific antibodies including 1 approved product. We invented technologies for high-level expression of antibody Fab fragments in E. coli used for 1 approved antibody product.

I have authored or co-authored 117+ scientific publications that together have been cited 22,800+ times. I am an inventor or co-inventor on 49+ granted US patents and 62+ published US patent applications. I have co-organized 20+ international conferences on antibody engineering and antibody therapeutics. I have delivered 125+ conference presentations and invited lectures including 16+ keynote presentations.

Postdoctoral Mentor

I joined Genentech as a Postdoctoral Fellow in 1986 in the laboratory of Dr James Wells. This was a dream come true for me that launched my career. In the 1990s I became a mentor and tried to pass on what I had learned to my own postdocs. I have been privileged to lead Genentech’s postdoctoral program (1998-2000) as well as the postdoctoral programs at 2 other premiere biotechnology companies. One of my greatest sources of professional satisfaction is in mentoring a few of the next generation of antibody engineers, including helping them to launch their own careers.

Featured Publication

Next generation antibody drugs: pursuit of the ‘high-hanging fruit’

Nature Reviews Drug Discovery (2018) 17, 197-223

Paul J. Carter and Greg A. Lazar