Sustainable Science

We strive to reduce our environmental impact through responsible use of materials, chemicals, water and energy in laboratories and on the manufacturing floor.

In a traditional office environment, reducing the carbon footprint might mean installing smart thermostats and occupancy lighting. But that effort looks different when your workspace is a science lab. Our scientists work with a variety of chemicals and materials like glass and single-use plastics.

This is why we created the Sustainable Science program. In our labs we focus on recycling single-use laboratory, sourcing more environmentally friendly chemicals and materials and introducing innovative technologies that minimize the footprint of R&D. When manufacturing our medicines, we look at ways to reduce our water consumption, integrate new technology and share best practices to increase the efficiency of production.

Our Sustainable Science program provides a blueprint for sustainable pharmaceutical companies across the globe. We are committed to sharing our best practices and are actively involved in the American Chemical Society Green Chemistry Institute Pharmaceutical Roundtable.