Learn How to Get Our Medicines

Medicine from the Genentech Patient Foundation is primarily distributed through our specialty pharmacy partner.

Order Medicines

Health care providers can order medicines from the Genentech Patient Foundation in a few ways:


Call a Foundation Specialist at (888) 941-3331.

Enrollment Form

Request medicines on the Enrollment Form found here.

Additional Options to Request Product Shipment via Fax

Use the Upfront Shipment Request Form to request medicine to be delivered to the patient's home or the health care provider's office through the Foundation's specialty pharmacy partner.

Use the Product Replacement Form to request replacement medicine when an enrolled patient was treated with medicine from the health care provider's inventory.


Prescriptions will be distributed through our specialty pharmacy partner or through a product replacement model. For Genentech medicines that are administered by a health care provider, we are asking providers to select one distribution option. If you have questions about shipment options, a Genentech Patient Foundation Specialist can help.