See If You Qualify

People can have trouble getting their medicines for many reasons. The Genentech Patient Foundation helps people in need, whether they have insurance or not.

Find Out if We Can Help

Does your insurance coverage and income match one of these situations?

  • Uninsured patients with incomes under $150,000
  • Insured patients without coverage for a Genentech medicine with incomes under $150,000
  • Insured patients with coverage for a Genentech medicine:
    • With unaffordable out-of-pocket costs
    • Who have pursued other forms of financial assistance
    • With household size and income within certain guidelines (see below)

    For households larger than 4 people, add $25,000 for each extra person. There is no maximum number of people you may add.

    The Genentech Patient Foundation assists patients living in the United States, who are being treated by a physician licensed in the United States. The Genentech Patient Foundation does not collect or require citizenship information.

    Have you been prescribed a participating Genentech medicine?

    If one of these situations applies to you, you may qualify for support from the Genentech Patient Foundation. Please complete the enrollment forms to apply for help.

    If one of these situations does not apply to you, help may still be available. Genentech Access Solutions can help you understand insurance coverage and other assistance options.