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How Genentech Supports the Safe Collection and Proper Disposal of Used Sharps

Genentech is recognized as a sustainability leader and is committed to acting as a responsible corporate citizen in all of its activities.

We've taken steps to prevent unintentional sharps injuries among our patients, their families and others who may handle sharps used with our self-injected medicines.

As a manufacturer, we have responsibility -along with doctors, pharmacists, municipalities and patients - to help facilitate the proper handling and disposal of sharps. We take this responsibility seriously, and work to educate patients about how to safely handle and dispose of our products.

General resources available to patients

To support our commitment to the safe use of sharps, injuries we provide a number of resources to our patients, including:

  • injection devices with protective sheaths
  • sharps containers
  • information and tools on safe injection and proper syringe disposal

Guidance on proper use and disposal of sharps for specific medicines

Genentech currently markets and sells five self-injected medicines in the United States:

  • ACTEMRA® (tocilizumab)
  • FUZEON® (enfuvirtide)
  • HEMLIBRA® (emicizumab-kxwh)
  • NUTROPIN AQ® [somatropin (rDNA origin) for injection]
  • PEGASYS® (peginterferon alfa-2a)

Please see information and resources below to learn more about these medicines and how to properly administer and dispose of used needles, syringes and vials and autoinjectors.


ACTEMRA is available in a single-dose prefilled syringe or single-dose prefilled ACTPen. The prefilled syringes and autoinjector are provided with an automatic needle shield that is activated at the end of the injection process, with the shield extending down over the needle, and locking in place to prevent re-use and accidental needle-stick injuries.

Patients are encouraged to register for ACTEMRA’s patient support program to receive sharps containers free of charge. For additional resources and information go to or call the ACTEMRA Patient Support Line at 1-800-ACTEMRA (1-800-228-3672).


FUZEON is supplied as a powder that must be reconstituted. Patients are provided with a “convenience kit,” which contains items necessary for use of FUZEON, including safety syringes for reconstituting and injecting the medicine.

Specialty pharmacies provide sharps containers to FUZEON patients free of charge. Patients and/or caregivers can also obtain sharps containers from Genentech free of charge. For additional resources and information go to or call 1-877-4FUZEON (1-877-438-9366).


HEMLIBRA is a clear liquid solution for subcutaneous injection supplied in a single-dose vial.

Specialty pharmacies or Hemophilia Treatment Center pharmacies can provide patients with syringes, transfer needles, and injection needles with a safety shield to administer the medicine. For additional resources and information go or call 1-866-HEMLIBRA (1-866-436-5427).


NUTROPIN AQ is a prefilled injection device for subcutaneous use.

NUTROPIN AQ is distributed through specialty pharmacies, which are contracted to provide appropriate needle disposal methods to patients. For additional resources and information go to or call the NUTROPIN Nurse Hotline at 1-866-NUTROPIN (1-866-688-7674).


PEGASYS is an injectable which is supplied as a solution in vials or in prefilled syringes that include a needle guard.

For additional resources and information go to or call the Genentech Patient Resource Center at 1-877-GENENTECH (1-877-436-3683).

The information above also comprises Genentech’s plan for the safe collection and proper disposal of self-injected medical devices under California Public Resources Code section 47115 and Minnesota Statutes section 116.835.