How to Deal with Sharps Responsibly

Improper disposal of needles and other medical sharps can cause needle-stick injuries, especially for garbage collectors. Please throw your used needles away safely. Needles, sharps or sharps containers should not be included in your household trash. Collection programs for these items are available in many locations throughout the country. Use the links below to find the location closest to you.

California residents please note: Beginning September 1, 2008, California law prohibits placement of home-generated sharps in the trash or recycling receptacles. Sharps must be taken — in an approved sharps container — to one of the approved drop-off locations within the State. More information about the State requirements.

National Search

The Safe Needle Disposal website provides a searchable database of locations that accept used sharps. Start your search for a disposal location.

State/County Search

If you are unable to find a convenient disposal location using the National Search above, the links below may be helpful. Some states provide a listing of their sharps collection areas and programs. Because the number of locations and programs is constantly growing, the state listings can provide information about disposal locations that are not yet included on the website.