Expired Product Returns

Genentech accepts expired product returns via Genentech Direct Returns.

Product must meet the eligibility criteria defined in the Return Goods Policy. In general, product can be considered expired from two months prior the expiration date listed on the product, to six months after the expiration date listed on the product. The expiration date is listed on the exterior product packaging.

Expiration Date example

  • Expiry on label: Jan 2021
  • Actual expiry date: Jan 31, 2021(last day of expiry month)
  • 1st eligible day to be received at Qualanex: Nov 30, 2020 (no earlier)
  • Last eligible day to be processed by Qualanex: July 31, 2021

All product return packages must include a Genentech Return Authorization.

What happens after I return product to Qualanex?

  • Customers will automatically receive credit through their wholesaler for all expired products, with the exception of Activase & TNKase.
  • Activase and TNKase will automatically be replaced to medical facilities when returned outside of the Genentech Direct Returns System. All Expired Returns requests made within the Genentech Direct Returns System will allow for the selection of either a credit, or replacement of eligible expired product.