Helping People Who Have Been Prescribed Our Medicines

Genentech patient support services provide resources for people who have been prescribed a Genentech medicine. Our programs can help based on your needs and situation.

How can we help?

If you need help with your co-pays

Find affordability options to help you pay for your Genentech medicine. Financial assistance may be available no matter what type of health insurance you have.

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If you don’t have health insurance coverage or have financial concerns

Learn how the Genentech Patient Foundation may be able to help you get free Genentech medicine.

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If you need help understanding your health insurance coverage for your Genentech medicine

Genentech Access Solutions helps people who are taking a Genentech medicine. We work with your doctor’s office, your health insurance plan and/or your specialty pharmacy to help you get your medicine.

Call (877) GENENTECH/(877) 436-3683 to learn more

Need help understanding your insurance plan?

Find resources to help you understand your health insurance options. This may aid you during open enrollment.

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How do I sign up for Genentech patient support services?

Complete the Patient Consent Form online

You can also download the form and either:

  • Text a picture of your signed form to (650) 877-1111
  • Download the form and give it to your doctor to fax to (866) 480-7762

Your doctor must complete a different form. You do not have to fill out anything on this form. Once we have both forms, we can begin to help you.

Once you are enrolled, we will call you from a toll-free number. Be sure to answer and return all calls.