Affordability Options

There may be options to help you afford your Genentech medicine, no matter what type of health insurance you have.

If you use commercial health insurance for your prescription drugs:

Genentech co-pay programs* help people with commercial health insurance. This includes:

  • A plan I get through my employer
  • A plan I purchased through a Health Insurance Marketplace

To qualify, you must also meet other criteria.

If you use public or commercial health insurance for your prescription drugs:

If you have public or commercial health insurance, we can refer you to an independent co-pay assistance foundation. Public health insurance includes federal or state-funded insurance such as:

  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Other government insurance

An independent co-pay assistance foundation is a charitable organization that gives financial assistance for medicines.

If you do not have insurance or don’t qualify for these programs the Genentech Patient Foundation may be able to help you.