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Focus on Ophthalmology

Due to advances in our understanding of disease biology, the chance to make a significant difference in the lives of people with ocular disorders has never been greater.

We’re currently focused on diseases of the eye that cause significant vision loss such as wet age-related macular degeneration, geographic atrophy, diabetic macular edema and glaucoma.

Our scientists continue to investigate new targets, bringing a wide range of therapeutic platforms to bear, such as agonist antibodies that can enhance pathways to reverse the course of disease. Always keeping the needs of the patient in mind, we’re also evaluating proprietary technologies for sustained drug delivery through ocular implants, as well as innovative formulations and biodegradable implants. Genentech’s pursuit of personalized therapies extends to the ophthalmology space, where we are looking at specific biomarkers and genetic modifiers.

By leveraging previous research conducted in our immunology, vascular biology and neurobiology groups, and applying it to pathologic conditions of the eye, we hope to shed new light and further our progress in understanding and treating ophthalmic diseases.

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