Andrew Polson - Principal Scientist (Technology), Translational Oncology

Andrew Polson

Principal Scientist (Technology), Translational Oncology

Years at Genentech
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I came to Genentech in 2002 after finishing my post-doctoral work in virology at UCSF. Since Joining Genentech I have been working on developing antibody-drug conjugates for the treatment of cancer. Learning the complex, team-oriented process of drug development has been fun and interesting. It has been very exciting to start projects that have the potential to help people and then see that potential start to become a reality.

Featured Publication

Therapeutic potential of an anti-CD79b antibody-drug conjugate, anti-CD79b-vc-MMAE, for the treatment of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

(2009) Blood 114(13): 2721-9.

Dornan D, Bennett F, Chen Y,Dennis M, Eaton D, Elkins K, French D, Go MT, Jack A, Junutula JR, Koeppen H, Lau J, McBride J, Rawstron A, Yu N, Yu S, Yue P, Zheng B, Ebens A. Polson AG.