Colby Shemesh - Scientist, Clinical Pharmacology

Colby Shemesh

Scientist, Clinical Pharmacology

"I feel a great sense of meaning from my work and am privileged to be working for Genentech as a clinical pharmacologist lead on many transformative programs."
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Prior to joining Genentech, I worked at Novartis and Ionis Pharmaceuticals supporting the development of several large and complex molecules. At Genentech I have been supporting the Oncology Clinical Pharmacology strategy for several combination cancer immunotherapy programs. Some of the clinical development areas I have worked on include Phase 1-3 studies, special population assessments, organ impairment, material bridging, pediatric studies, ethnic sensitivity, and drug-drug interaction liabilities.

The work environment and culture of Genentech have been a place of constant stimulation, positive energy, and passion for me. Developing transformative medicines and offering new hopes for patients are Genentech’s top priorities and commitments. In this short time, I have already had the privilege to sense the impact of my work and am continuously being challenged with excellent opportunities to learn and grow, and have established a strong connection and sense of pride to be a member of Genentech family.

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