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Lélia Delamarre - Senior Principal Scientist, Cancer Immunology

Lélia Delamarre

Senior Principal Scientist, Cancer Immunology

"Genentech provides scientists with the unique opportunity to do ground-breaking science with the goal of developing innovative therapies for patients."
Years at Genentech
Publications at Genentech

I joined Genentech in 2007 after my postdoctoral training at Yale University where I studied the cellular mechanisms underlying the unique capacity of dendritic cells to capture and present antigens for T cell priming. At Genentech in the Cancer Immunology Department, I have been pursuing my research interests with the goal of developing novel approaches to expand effective T cell responses to cancer through priming. I feel extremely fortunate to be surrounded by colleagues with various scientific background who are highly enthusiastic, engaged, and eager to collaborate. They inspire me to give my best.

Featured Publication

Predicting Immunogenicity of Tumor-specific Mutations by Combining Mass Spectrometry & Exome Sequencing.

Nature. 2014 Nov 27;515(7528):572-6.

Yadav M., Jhunjhunwala S., Phung Q.T., Lupardus P., Tanguay J., Bumbaca S, Franci C. Cheung T.K., Fritsche J., Weinschenk T., Modrusan Z., Mellman I., Lill J.R., Delamarre L.