Patricia Y. Siguenza - Vice President, BioAnalytical Sciences, Development Sciences

Patricia Y. Siguenza

Vice President, BioAnalytical Sciences, Development Sciences

"I have stayed at Genentech, for as long as I have, because of the endless possibilities to contribute to making a difference in patient treatment and the myriad of learning opportunities. Having been part of Genentech's evolution and being part of a community of people all with a common purpose to serve patients continues to be so rewarding to me. Years ago, being told by a friend of the family of their participation in one of our clinical studies made it “REAL” for me of how we serve patients. The renewed commitment to Fostering Belonging, Inclusive Research and Health Equity and Transforming Society has re-energized me."
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I joined Genentech in the late 1980’s, and I am proud of having started “at the bench” initially working with Process Development and later transitioning to non-clinical and clinical Product Development. I now lead the BioAnalytical Sciences department, where we enable drug development by creating bioanalytical and immunogenicity strategies, providing essential data for non-clinical and clinical studies through all stages of drug development. Through our efforts, we have evolved how we enable our increasing and more complex molecule portfolio.

I have been fortunate to have been part of Genentech’s product development and world-wide approvals, in oncology, autoimmunity, and asthma. I am working with my colleagues - all with a common purpose in service of patients.