Ying Zhu - Senior Principal Scientist (Technology), Research Biology, Microchemistry, Proteomics & Lipidomics (MPL)

Ying Zhu

Senior Principal Scientist (Technology), Research Biology, Microchemistry, Proteomics & Lipidomics (MPL)

Postdoc Mentor
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I joined Genentech in the end of 2022 with the inspiration of many Genentech scientists aiming to transform both scientific discovery and patient care. Before Joining Genentech, I was an associate professor at Zhejiang university and a research scientist in Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

My research career has been focused on developing ultrasensitive and high-throughput protein measurement technologies for low-input samples. At Genentech, I lead a research group focusing on the development and implementation of single-cell and spatial proteomics technologies to provide analytical support for drug discovery R&D.

Postdoctoral Mentor

Postdoc is an integral part of Genentech’s R&D portfolio. I am grateful of the opportunity to mentor postdoc researchers in my lab. We will partner together to tackle the most challenging technological and scientific problems with creative and innovative approaches. In my previous career paths, I deeply benefited from several postdoc experiences. I commit to do so to inspire and help the growth of next-generation scientists.

Featured Publication

High-throughput and high-efficiency sample preparation for single-cell proteomics using a nested nanowell chip

Nature Communications, 2021, 12, 6246

Jongmin Woo, Sarah M Williams, Victor Aguilera-Vazquez, Ryan L Sontag, Ronald J Moore, Lye Meng Markillie, Hardeep S Mehta, Joshua Cantlon, Joshua N Adkins, Richard D Smith, Geremy C Clair, Ljiljana Pasa-Tolic, Ying Zhu,*

Hanging drop sample preparation improves sensitivity of spatial proteomics

Lab on a Chip, 2022, 22, 2869-2877

Yumi Kwon, Paul Piehowski, Rui Zhao, Ryan Sontag, Ronald Moore, Kristin Burnum-Johnson, Richard Smith, Weijun Qian, Ryan Kelly, Ying Zhu,*