Efficiency by Design

While immunotherapies have fundamentally changed the way we treat a wide array of cancers, only 20-40 percent of people are thought to respond to this class of medicine. So how can we make cancer immunotherapy more effective for more people? It’s something that our team—and others globally—are trying to figure out.

One strategy is to search for effective combinations with other medicines, like chemotherapy, targeted therapies, and even other immunotherapies. This could help activate the immune system in multiple ways, potentially allowing more people to benefit.

To explore this, researchers and clinicians around the world have initiated more than a thousand clinical trials across numerous cancer types to test the safety and efficacy of immunotherapies in combination with other medicines. But traditional clinical trial designs may not offer the flexibility needed to efficiently identify new safe and effective combinations. That’s why our researchers are tackling the problem in a different way. Watch the video below to learn more.