Making Medicines in 360

In 1994, Genentech faced a tough choice. The company had to decide whether or not to invest $250 million in building the world’s largest biotech manufacturing facility. If they didn’t break ground on a new facility, they might not be able to produce enough of their new biologic medicines to meet the needs of patients. But if the medicines, which were still being studied in clinical trials, didn’t receive approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the facility might not even be needed. And by that point, Genentech would have lost the opportunity to invest those resources in science and research to develop other medicines.

After carefully considering the options, Genentech made a bold decision to move forward. And by 1998, they opened the new manufacturing site in the small city of Vacaville, California.

Take a 360-degree video tour of the facility using your browser or your smartphone. For the full effect, check it out in Google Cardboard.