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Health equity is the fair and just opportunity for everyone to attain their full health potential. We believe that advancing health equity is an ongoing process of addressing barriers that people face when accessing healthcare.

We are committed to advancing health equity by:

Expanding Access to Innovative Healthcare Solutions for All

As science and technology move forward, far too many communities are being left behind. We are working to advance inclusive research and expand access to healthcare innovation and clinical research participation for historically underserved communities.

Leading and Collaborating to Remove Barriers in Healthcare

We cannot advance health equity without deep collaboration and partnership. We are co-creating lasting solutions that address the drivers of inequities in healthcare - from education to care delivery.

Systemic Challenges Require Systemic Solutions

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Health Equity Wheel: Impact in Action

Health Equity in Action

  • $200M+ invested in equity-focused giving since 2017
  • 48 Health Equity Symposia across 19 states
  • 500K+ New cancer screenings as a result of collaboration for cancer equity with American Cancer Society

Creating a healthy future for all will require novel and systemic approaches that address drivers of health inequity far beyond hospitals and doctors’ offices. Our approach to dismantling barriers to care must be broad and include the voices of the communities we serve."

Pierre Theodore, MD, Executive Director, Patient Inclusion and Health Equity