2020 Call for Grant Recipients

Genentech and The Genentech Foundation are pleased to award grants to the organizations below pursuing innovative solutions to equity in healthcare and STEM education.


Advancing Inclusive Research

GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer, Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center, University of Alabama-Birmingham, and Augusta University
“Studying Trial Determinants of Success (STRIDES): Understanding Barriers and Facilitators to Clinical Trial Accrual Among Patients with Lung Cancer in the Deep South”

Henry Ford Health System and Detroit Urban Research Center
“Participatory Action for Access to Clinical Trials (PAACT) and Oncology”

Howard University and National Institutes of Health
“Howard University Partnership with the National Institutes of Health for Equitable Clinical Trial Participation for Racial/Ethnic Communities Underrepresented in Research (HoPe-NET)”

Joan and Sanford I Weill Medical College of Cornell University
“BRIDGE (Blood cancer Research Initiative Developing Greater Engagement) with Community Patients”

TOUCH, The Black Breast Cancer Alliance, Breastcancer.org, Ciitizen, Center for Health Care Innovation, Morehouse School of Medicine, and Susan G. Komen
“#BlackDataMatters Black Breast Cancer & Barriers to Clinical Trials Research”

University of California, San Francisco, Fordham University, and the Alzheimer’s Association
“Digital Engagement of Black/African American Older Adults in Alzheimer’s Disease Clinical Research Using the Brain Health Registry”

University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, Salud America!
“Promoting Health Equity and Eliminating Health Care Disparities Through Preventive Care and Clinical Trials”

Promoting Equity in Care

American Academy of Neurology
“Anti-Racism Training for Neurologists"

Center for Health Care Strategies
“Co-Creating Solutions to Address Racism and Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Oncology Access, Quality and Outcomes”

Columbia University, Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center
“Attitudes and Biases that Undermine Minority Clinical Trial Enrollment”

Equify Health and Emory University School of Medicine
“Improving Cultural Competence in Cancer Care and Research”

University of California, Merced and Camarena Health
“Promotoras and Community Based Education”

University of California, San Francisco
“Combating Unequal Treatment in Health Care Through Virtual Awareness and Training in Empathy (CULTIVATE)”

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Henry Ford Health System
“Identifying Opportunities to Pursue Equity When Implementing Virtual Visits in Oncology Care”

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and Hillman Cancer Center
“Impact of Lifetime Stress, Racism and Neighborhood Deprivation on the Outcomes of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer”

Yale School of Medicine Equity Research and Innovation Center, Yale Cancer Center, and Smilow Cancer Hospital
“Embedding an Anti-Racist and Equity Framework into Quality Measurement Programs Across the Cancer Care Continuum”


K-12 Education*

Bio-Link Depot
“Expanding Bio-Link Depot’s Program to Better Serve BIPOC Students”

CuriOdyssey, STEM Corps
“Improving San Mateo BIPOC K-12 Youths’ Understanding and Passion in STEM”

MK Level Playing Field, Doing Business as SMASH
“Equipping Low-income High School Students of Color with Supplementary STEM Education”

Oakland Unified School District, STEM Residency
“Preparing and Securing High Quality STEM Teachers for Students at the Oakland Unified School District”

Public Health Institute, FACES for the Future
“Partnering with Health Care Agencies and Schools to Build Education and Career Pathways for BIPOC High School Students”

Science from Scientists, Inc., StepUp Initiative
“Closing the STEM Resourcing and Opportunity Gap Through Integrated Professional Development”

Techbridge Girls
“Equipping Middle School Girls with STEM Role models and Mentorship to Build Their STEM Identity”

The Aspen Institute
“Dismantling Systemic Racism by Training the Next Generation of Scientific Leaders”

The Tech Interactive, Tech Academies
“Equipping teachers with the tools to integrate STEM into their core subjects”

University of California Berkeley, Lawrence Hall of Science, Science Education for Public Understanding
“Enabling Teachers to Identify Systemic Disparities in STEM Education and Equipping Them with Tools to Dismantle Racial Barriers”

University of California Santa Cruz, MESA
“Strengthening STEM Education and STEM Career Prospects of Latinx High School Students”

Postgraduate and Career Development

Johns Hopkins University, Department of Pharmacology
“Drug Discovery and Development Scholars Program”

Tufts University School of Medicine
“Leadership, Education, Advancement and Diversity (LEAD) Scholars Program”

University of Michigan
“Genentech Research Award Program to Reverse Racial Disparity in Grant Funding”

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
“Well-Being Initiative for Women Faculty of Color to Promote Professional Advancement in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Research”

Postsecondary and Undergraduate Education

American Indian College Fund
“COVID-19 Transformative Responses to Support Student Admission and Persistence”

California State University Monterey Bay and University of California Santa Cruz
“Genentech Foundation-Sponsored Academic Inspiration Network (GAIN)”

Mentoring in Science and Medicine, Health-BASE
“Building Allies, Education, Skills and Education”

Morehouse School of Medicine, The Undergraduate Health Sciences Academy
“Educating the Diverse Learners and Leaders of our Health Care Workforce”

Portland State University Foundation, BUILD EXITO PLUS
“Pathways Leading to Uninterrupted Success”

Sonoma State University, Mathematics, Engineering, Science, Achievement (MESA)
“Adapting Higher Education to Meet BIPOC Needs in the New Virtual Environment”

University of California Berkeley, Biology Scholars Program
“Virtually Supporting the Success of our BIPOC Pre-Health Students during the COVID-19 Pandemic”

University of California San Diego, PATHS Scholars Wellness and Technology Initiative
“Uplifting BIPOC STEM Students at UC San Diego Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic”

University of California Santa Cruz, Academic Excellence Program
“Supporting Diversity in STEM during COVID-19”