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Scientific Resource Board

Our Scientific Resource Board serves as an advisory group to Genentech regarding our research and early development projects.

Rafi Ahmed, Ph.D.
Vaccine Center Director, Emory Vaccine Center
Professor, Microbiology & Immunology
Investigator, Emory Center for AIDS Research

Alan Ashworth, Ph.D., FRS
President, UCSF Helen Diller Family
Comprehensive Cancer Center

Richard Axel, M.D.
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
College of Physicians and Surgeons
Columbia University

Sir John Irving Bell, GBE, FRS, FMedSci, FREng
Regius Chair of Medicine
University of Oxford

Herbert W. Boyer, Ph.D.
Co-Founder of Genentech

Hans Clevers, M.D. Ph.D.
President, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW)
University Medical Center, Utrecht

David M. Holtzman, M.D.
Washington University School of Medicine
Department of Neurology

Scott J. Hultgren, Ph.D.
Washington University School of Medicine
Center for Women's Infectious Disease Research
Department of Molecular Microbiology

Deb Hung, M.D., Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Microbiology & Immunology
Richard B. Simches Research Center
Harvard Medical School

Bradley T. Hyman, M.D., Ph.D.
John B. Penney Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School
Alzheimer's Unit Director, MassGeneral Institute for Neurodegenerative Disease
Director, Massachusetts Alzheimer's Disease Research Center

Richard O. Hynes, Ph.D., FRS
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Karen E. Knudsen, Ph.D.
Director, NCI Designated Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center
Thomas Jefferson University

Richard P. Lifton, M.D., Ph.D.
Rockefeller University

Richard Locksley, M.D.
Division of Infectious Diseases
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
University of California, San Francisco

Diane Mathis, Ph.D.
Dept. of Microbiology & Immunology
Division of Immunology
Harvard Medical School

Fiona Powrie, FRS
Director, Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology
Principal Investigator, Translational Gastroenterology Unit
University of Oxford

Dean Sheppard, M.D.
Professor of Medicine
University of California, San Francisco

Ali Shilatifard, Ph.D.
Robert Francis Furchgott Professor
Chairman, Dept. of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics
Robert H. Lurie NCL Comprehensive Cancer Center
Northwestern University School of Medicine

Kevan Shokat, Ph.D.
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Cellular & Molecular Pharmacology Department
University of California, San Francisco

Thomas J. Silhavy, Ph.D.
Princeton University
Warner-Lambert Parke-Davis Professor
Molecular Biology Department

Arthur Weiss, M.D., Ph.D.
Ephraim P. Engelman Distinguished Professor
University of California, San Francisco