Natural Disasters

If you are a patient experiencing a natural disaster, please click here.

Natural disasters, including severe storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, and floods, can cause extensive devastation and destruction, posing significant challenges when treating your patients and servicing your healthcare partners.

We are committed to supporting you and your patients during these difficult times. While we hope that you never have to experience such an event, we understand that it may cause disruptions to your ability to provide care. Our dedicated Customer Service team is here to help you access Genentech medicines safely for your patients and provide the support you need to offer quality care during these challenging times.

If you are facing urgent patient needs due to a catastrophic disaster, we encourage you to reach out to our Customer Service team as soon as possible. We offer several programs that support the delivery of products to patients during the aftermath of a catastrophic event. Our team will work closely with you to assess the situation and provide guidance on how to access Genentech medicines in a safe and timely manner, ensuring quality patient care.

If you experience a loss of internet or power and need help completing a request, or require any other immediate assistance, please call Genentech Customer Service at 800-551-2231, Monday through Friday, 6 am - 5 pm PT (9 am - 8 pm ET).


This page is here to help you report any problems you may have experienced with your Genentech medication due to natural disasters or catastrophic events. Here are some of the different types of losses that could happen:

  • Product spoilage
  • Product damage during shipment
  • Product concerns

To make it easier for you, we have outlined the steps you should take depending on the type of loss that has occurred.

Genentech Patient

If your patient received product through the Genentech Patient Foundation, please contact them directly at 888-941-3331 for assistance.

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If your product was a sample, please contact your Genentech representative. If you are unsure about who your representative is, please contact Genentech Customer Service at 800-551-2231, Monday through Friday, 6 am - 5 pm PT (9 am - 8 pm ET).

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For Nutropin AQ Nuspin

Please call (866) 688‐7674, for medication specific assistance

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Product Damage During Shipment

Product Damage or Spoilage Resulting from Natural Disasters or Catastrophic Events (e.g., Floods, Power Outages, Temperature Excursions, Logistical Constraints, Fires, etc.)