Ning Ding - Senior Principal Scientist, Immunology Discovery, Research Biology

Ning Ding

Senior Principal Scientist, Immunology Discovery, Research Biology

Postdoc Mentor
Years at Genentech
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After completing my postdoctoral fellowship from Genentech foundation in nuclear receptor pharmacology at the Salk Institute in La Jolla, I joined the Immunology Discovery department as a scientist and group leader. My team’s overarching goal is to leverage cutting edge biotechnology platforms to understand the molecular mechanisms governing fibroinflammatory diseases and translate these insights into potential therapies for human patients.

Postdoctoral Mentor

Genentech’s postdoctoral research program offers a highly collaborative environment for postdocs to perform translational and basic research that can be directly relevant to human diseases.

Featured Publication

A WISP1 antibody inhibits MRTF signaling to prevent the progression of established liver fibrosis.

Cell Metabolism. 34 (9), 1377-1393.e8.

Ying Xi, Ryan LaCanna, Hsiao-Yen Ma, Elsa-Noah N’Diaye, Sarah Gierke, Patrick Caplazi, Meredith Sagolla, Zhiyu Huang, Laura Lucio, Alexander Arlantico, Surinder Jeet, Hans Brightbill, Claire Emson, Aaron Wong, Nadia Martinez Martin, Bushra Husain, Si Hyun Kim, Merone Roose-Girma, Charles Yu, Lucinda Tam, Guiquan Jia, Thirumalai R. Ramalingam, Scot Marsters, Avi Ashkenazi, Ryan Kelly, Shuang Wu, Paul J. Wolters, Ariel E. Feldstein, Jason Vander Heiden, Ning Ding. (2022)