Weiru Wang - Senior Principal Scientist (Technology), Structural Biology

Weiru Wang

Senior Principal Scientist (Technology), Structural Biology

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I started my lab at Genentech in June 2007. Being a scientist at Genentech is both exciting and challenging. I enjoy having the privilege of collaborating with many extremely talented colleagues. Together, we harness opportunities to discover basic science and to translate them into innovative medicine that we hope can make a difference in patients’ lives. My lab has interests in understanding the molecular basis of protein-drug interactions using biophysical methods, primarily macromolecular crystallography. At Genentech, our drug discovery efforts aim at tackling protein targets with “atomic precision”. My lab’s research provides structural insights into disease-related biological molecules, and enables structure-based design of small-molecule and antibody drugs.

Prior to Genentech, I was a senior scientist in Structural Biology at Plexxikon, a biotech start-up in Berkeley, CA, where I worked on drug discovery programs for cancer and metabolic disorder. Prior to Plexxikon, I was a staff scientist in the Physical Biosciences Division at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, where I worked on structural genomics projects.

Featured Publication

Small-molecule ligands bind to a distinct pocket in RAS and inhibit nucleotide exchange activity.

(2012) Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 109(14):5299-304

Maurer T, Garrenton LS, Oh A, Pitts K, Anderson DJ, Skelton NJ, Fauber BP, Pan B, Malek S, Stokoe D, Ludlam MJ, Bowman KK, Wu J, Giannetti AM, Starovasnik MA, Mellman I, Jackson PK, Rudolph J, Wang W, Fang G.