Advancing Inclusive Research ®

Clinical trials offer people with serious and life-threatening diseases a chance to receive investigational medicines that have the potential to improve outcomes. At Genentech, we are deeply committed to addressing barriers to clinical trial participation and advancing inclusive research.

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Our Vision: The Future of Healthcare is Within All of Us

The genetic data available today does not reflect the majority of our diverse global population. In order for us to deepen our understanding of disease and develop more personalized treatments, we must have more complete information and study a broader population, including underrepresented racial and ethnic minorities.

Clinical and genetic data enriched by including more representative patient populations will enable us to evolve the promise of personalized healthcare to achieve more accurate diagnoses, improve access to therapies, and optimize treatment outcomes for all patients.

Genentech Taking Action

Genentech is committed to advancing the following priorities:

Recruit More Representative Populations into Clinical Research

  • Conducting pilots in three clinical studies in the U.S. to understand best practices in study screening and recruitment
  • Reexamining study site selection

Enhancing Personalized Health Care

  • Advancing knowledge of clinical outcomes in patients across race/ethnicity and gender by leveraging Genentech’s unique portfolio and data assets
  • Developing new approaches for supporting populations currently understudied in genomic and clinical research

Purpose-Driven Partnerships

  • Collaborating with our External Council for Inclusive Research to establish new standards and principles for inclusive research at Genentech
  • Building health care professional and patient education videos on inclusive research with our Advancing Inclusive Research Site Alliance collaborators
    • Watch What Is a Clinical Research Study? Clinical research studies, also known as clinical trials, help us develop medicines that are safe and effective. This animated video provides easy-to-understand information on the clinical research study process for patients with an emphasis on representation and inclusion: English | Spanish
    • Watch Is a Clinical Research Study Right for Me?, an educational video made for patients who are considering a clinical study: English | Spanish
    • Watch Why Advancing Inclusive Research Matters, an educational video made for healthcare providers: Trailer | Full length video

Advancing Inclusive Research: Full Position Statement

At Roche and Genentech, we believe that improving health outcomes for all patients is core to our mission, and we are committed to being industry leaders in delivering improved health outcomes for all.

In the increasingly diverse world around us, the time is now for research and clinical development to ensure greater inclusion of patients across racial and ethnic groups in support of optimizing health outcomes for all patients worldwide.

Because disease outcomes and drug responses can vary across populations, research must include patients who are racially, ethnically, and gender representative of those who experience disease. We are deeply committed to addressing barriers to clinical trial participation, diversifying genetic data for scientific discovery, and increasing access to innovative diagnostic and therapeutic solutions, by advancing inclusive research.

By building trusted partnerships with patients, providers and across the healthcare ecosystem, we can collectively combine scientific advances, new technologies and real-world data to drive scientific innovation and create new standards for inclusive research.

As we strive to deliver more patient benefit, we are passionately addressing healthcare disparities in order to deliver ever more personalized healthcare solutions for all patients.

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