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Logistic Management Shipping Procedures

The Logistics Management Department at Genentech has instituted an Inbound Routing Program as part of a comprehensive Supply Chain Management initiative. The objective is to provide suppliers with detailed instructions that will aid in streamlining the processes of receiving, stocking and consuming materials while reducing freight and handling costs.

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Domestic Routing Procedure

Note: Failure to comply with this routing procedure may result in penalty charges billed to the supplier.

Origin/State Shipment Size Mode Carrier Assignment
Bay Area/CA 1-150 lbs (Parcel) Ground/Same Day Inner City Express
Ph: (800) 560-0400
Bay Area/CA 150 lbs – 6000 lbs (LTL) Ground Cal-Rite
Ph: 415-468-2272
Bay Area/CA >6000 lbs (FTL) Ground/Temperature Controlled/Hazmat Cal-Rite
Ph: 415-468-2272
West Coast (see map above) >6000 lbs (FTL) Ground/Non-Temperature Controlled JB Hunt
Ph: 866-759-1127
West Coast (see map above) >6000 lbs (FTL) Ground/Temperature Controlled/Hazmat Divine Enterprises
Ph: 650-455-7111
East Coast (see map above) >6000 lbs (FTL) Ground/Hazmat Daybreak
Ph: 973-589-5931 Ext. 142
MO, PA, NC >6000 lbs (FTL) Ground/Temperature Controlled FedEx Customs Critical
Ph:(877) 220-6297
All 1-150 lbs (Parcel) Ground
Air Priority Overnight
Air Second Day
3 day Express Saver
Ph: 800-GO-FEDEX
Ph: 800-742-5877
All 150 lbs – 6000 lbs (LTL) Ground Old Dominion
Ph: (336) 822-5279
All 150 lbs – 6000 lbs (LTL) After Hours/ Expedited/ Deferred Pilot Air Freight
Ph: 888-664-7450
All >150 lbs (Heavy Weight) Ground/Air Primary:
Ph: 800-GO-FEDEX
Ph: 800-742-5877
All Oversized Shipments (e.g. large equipment) Ground Logistics Management
Ph: 650-225-5410 or
Ph: 650-467-3777
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