Current Suppliers

As a supplier, your business supports Genentech's mission to be the leading biotechnology company, using human genetic information to discover, develop, manufacture and commercialize medicines to treat people with serious or life-threatening medical conditions. To make the most of our working relationship, we ask that you follow these important steps. Your support will help ensure your invoices are processed in a timely manner and that our employees receive the goods and services they need to do their important work.

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Genentech's Procurement Department Focus

Procurement's focus is on minimizing the cost of acquisition of the goods and services while maximizing the efficiency of acquiring the goods and services and optimizing the quality of the goods and services.

Procurement strives to provide a consistently high level of customer service to internal clients, our requesters, and is committed to the highest ethical standards in our supplier relationships. Our focus is on developing long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our key suppliers. Our preferred suppliers are those who provide quality products and excellent customer service at fair prices. We encourage and facilitate the beneficial interaction between suppliers and Genentech to promote the exchange of valuable information.

Expectations of Suppliers

The following is what Genentech practices, and we expect that our suppliers will do the same with their own supplier base:

Do what you say you will do

Genentech expects all Suppliers to "do what you say you will do" in all interactions. This is an internal and external behavioral expectation at Genentech and is a standard among Class A companies.

Behaviors of Class A Companies:

  • One Set of Numbers to Run the Business
  • Shared, Aligned and Realistic Plans
  • A Passion for Accuracy
  • A Passion for Simplification
  • Business Process Performance Measurements
  • "Democracy" in Planning, "Autocracy" in Execution
  • Never Uncertain - Always Open
  • Embracing Accountability and Speaking Up
  • Knowledgeable Workforce with Clear Roles and Responsibilities

To make the most of our working relationship, we ask that you adopt and follow these important steps.

Purchase Orders

Suppliers should have a valid Purchase Order Number before providing any goods and/or services to Genentech. Suppliers agree to review such orders and immediately contact the requester listed on the purchase order if there are any issues that will result in the Order not being fulfilled as requested. The purchase order is considered confirmed by the Supplier unless there is a notification to the requester within 3 business days of the PO issued date stating otherwise.


Please refer to the General Routing Guide for routing instructions or the specific shipping instructions listed on your Purchase Order.

Submitting Invoices

  • Include the Genentech Purchase Order number and your invoice number on your invoice. Genentech is not able to pay invoices without a valid Purchase Order referenced. If your order type doesn't require a PO please follow the non-PO invoice instruction as per your contract and/or requester.
  • Please do not invoice for more than the value shown on the Purchase Order. Request an additional Purchase Order or Change Order from your Genentech contact, if you are asked to deliver more, or provide additional services not shown on the original Purchase Order. Invoices that do not show the PO number, or exceed the value on the PO, are automatically rejected by the system, and cannot be immediately matched and paid.
  • Send invoices directly to Genentech Vendor Finance: [email protected] unless stated differently in your contract.
  • Do not send in duplicate invoices, unless requested by Vendor Finance. This simply causes further delays in the processing time of your original invoice.
  • If the price shown on the PO is incorrect, contact the requester named on the Purchase Order, before invoicing.
  • All Supplier expenses are to be vetted by the Roche Responsible Person and will receive reimbursement from their employer only for reviewed expenses incurred in accordance within the negotiated contract with guidance from the Company Travel and Expense Reimbursement Policy. It is a violation of this Policy for an Roche Responsible Person to file a personal expense report or to otherwise seek reimbursement or payment on behalf of a Contractor. See Company travel policy for more guidance.

Health & Safety at Genentech

Suppliers who perform services on Genentech's campus are required, in addition to providing insurance certifications, to adhere to Genentech's safety and security requirements.

Following these guidelines will create a more efficient process for everyone. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.