Import Requirements

Genentech requires that the commercial invoice for imported or international shipments contain a "detailed description of the merchandise", an accurate transaction value, including any additions to the price actually paid or payable (the price we pay to the supplier). Additionally, every article imported into the U.S. must be marked with the country of origin of the article in English.

Invoices/Import Documents must contain the following:

Suppliers must provide:

  1. Detailed Description of the Merchandise (example: Correct = Benzoic Acid, Incorrect = Organic Chemical)
  2. Accurate Value reported based upon the full PO value (must include the material, fabrication costs and any other values applicable such as assists or royalties)
  3. Country of Origin
  4. Intended Use (e.g. parts for electric spectrometers)
  5. Genentech Purchase Order Number

For Chemicals the following information must be supplied - The majority of these details are available on the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) which must accompany the shipment:

  1. Chemical Name (example: Correct = Benzoic Acid, Incorrect = Organic Chemical)
  2. CAS (Chemical Abstracts Service) Number, if applicable
  3. Intended Use (e.g. chemical for waterproofing clothing)
  4. Functional Group (e.g. Acid, Alcohol, Ester, Ether, Ketone, etc.)
  • For purchased products, the value should reflect the amount the supplier is paid, which generally is the purchase order amount. However, some agreements provide for additional payments which may not be known at the time of importation.
  • For products sent on a no charge basis the supplier must provide the cost of materials, labor and fabrication costs, general expenses and profit (if any).
  • For additional information refer to the following: Direct any questions about this requirement to Genentech's Trade Compliance Department ([email protected]).