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Commercial Product Access for Clinical and Pre-Clinical Research

Request one-time access to purchase commercial product for clinical and/or pre-clinical research use. To request shipments outside of the US, please contact [email protected]

Purchasing Product

  1. The request may take up to ten business days to review.
  2. Product orders must be placed within 6 months of approval. Order quantity must be within the approved limit(s). If additional quantity is required, another Request Form must be submitted.
  3. Commercial product must be purchased from an approved wholesaler or distributor and will be shipped by Genentech. A list of approved distributors can be found on the Product Distribution page.

Important Guidelines

  • Licensure to Handle Genentech Product: Researchers requesting to purchase commercial product for research purposes must provide valid and appropriate state license information.
  • Institutional Approval: Researches who do not have a reference number must provide study design and Institutional Review Board protocol number.
  • Ability to Audit: Genentech may audit facilities receiving Genentech commercial product.
  • No Ex-U.S. Shipment: Research studies must be conducted within the United States of America.
  • Product Availability: Product availability is not guaranteed at time of order. Please be aware that shipment of product may be delayed.
  • Product Returns: Expired product may be returned in accordance with Genentech’s Product Return Policy. Please contact Genentech Customer Service at (800) 551-2231 for the current policy.
  • Wholesaler/Distributor Change: Researchers should contact Genentech at [email protected] if they plan to switch between approved distributors.

Submit a New Commercial Product Request

You will be notified within in 2 days if any additional information is required.

Resume a Request in Progress

To continue the submission process of your previously saved or submitted request, check your email for a link to your current applciation.

Contact Us

If you have any additional questions or trouble with this process, please contact us at [email protected]